Innovate. Always.
In respect of the environment.

About Us

The group has been operating for over 30 years in the windows and doors sector, with the mission of offering the highest quality through continuous product innovation. Over the last ten years, the investments, time and resources of the Covering division have focused on the search for a more performing system in the ventilated facades sector, a product capable of meeting the needs of architects and designers by radically improving living comfort. It is from this premise that the Covering ventilated facade was born.



Angelo L'Angellotti
Americo D'Ambrogio
Technical Director
Domenico Pezzolla
Commercial Director

We live in an era of great transformations: changing the way we think, live and conceive ideas that improve our lives.
Like ventilated facades, the external cladding system for buildings improves their thermo-energy performance.
We have rethought them, designing an innovative system designed to meet the needs of designers and architects
and improve the living comfort of our homes.

The Covering facade cladding system is 100% recyclable in all its components, a result of study and attention to the environment.
and the new production criteria. The covering panels are obtained by using at least 70% recycled products in the production cycle.

For over twenty years we have been producing structures for the construction industry with the knowledge that there is only one way to offer quality products:
Innovate. Always.